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Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and empowering environment for women and kids of all walks of life to achieve mental and physical fitness, confidence, power, and discipline through olympic-style boxing and martial arts instruction.
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Austin Boxing Babes is Austin’s only all female boxing gym and martial arts dojo created by women for women and kids. We offer daily classes in olympic-style boxing, martial arts, strength training and Yoga for beginners, advanced students and everyone in between.


Austin Boxing Babes instructors are both current and former boxers, as well as students who have attained some the highest ranks within our program. Our instructors are tough, dedicated, supportive women who continuously strive for excellence and growth in boxing, martial arts, and overall fitness.

Julia Gschwind Boxing Coach


Julia Gschwind

Julia founded Austin Boxing Babes in 2007 to give women the opportunity to train in an all-woman environment; something she wished had been available to her when she was training. A native German, Julia has been training both as a boxer and kick boxer, in Germany as well as here in the United States, since 1996. Julia trained and competed for several years in Karlsruhe, Germany under three-time European champion Siegfried Mehnert and olympic boxer Tyson Gray. She then moved to San Francisco and trained under well-known coach Sonny Marson who took several world Champions including Bash Ali, Paul Nave, Wilford Benitez to world titles. The experience of having been both a student and a trainer, under both amateur and professional coaches, has given Julia a variety of training styles from which to draw inspiration.

In 2011, Julia earned her black belt in Kajukenbo under 7th degree black belt Master Instructor Tony Morel. She also holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Julia has lived in Austin since 2004 and has two sons.


  • 3rd Degree Black Belt Kajukenbo
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Registered USA Boxing Coach
  • Level 1 Kettlebell Concepts Instructor


  • 10–0 undefeated amateur boxing record
  • San Francisco Golden Gloves (2000) and Diamond Belt Champion (2002)
  • State Champion, Germany (1999)
  • Taught boxing at the famous Fairtex Academy, San Francisco
  • Taught women boxing seminars and private classes in Freiburg, Germany



Ashley Bazan

Ashley is always up for a challenge. As a rugby player for the Austin Valkyries, she started boxing as a way to increase her fitness. Shortly after beginning her training at Austin Boxing Babe, she became addicted to the challenging workouts, immediate results and supportive atmosphere. In 2014 she began teaching classes at Austin Boxing Babes and is constantly inspired by the progress of our ABB students. Ashley is also a competitive boxing – she is the 2016 Austin Golden Gloves Champion and recipient of the Austin Golden Gloves outstanding female novice boxer award. Outside of boxing, she is certified through NASM, CPPS, and has earned her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. On the weekends you¹ll see her running around Lady Bird Lake.


Sophia Checa

Sophia has never been one for watching sports. She would much rather be playing sports! She has always been involved in something that requires challenging herself physically. Boxing had always interested her, but the traditional male-dominated boxing gym intimidated her. Sophia took her first 6am class with Julia on October 1, 2012. She’s been at ABB since; it is her home away from home. Sophia began teaching at Austin Boxing Babes in January 2016 and is American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified. She also holds a yellow Belt in Kajukenbo and continues her martial arts study.

Aaron Dillon

Aaron Dillon began his journey as a martial artist as a student under Taekwondo Master Alita Schuppin in 2000 at the age of 13.


After several years studying the art, he stumbled upon a small Kajukenbo in the central Vermont area. Immediately he became fascinated by the art and began attending regular classes taught by Sifu Angel Herrera of the Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo style. Training continued until he left to join the United States Marine Corps in 2005. While enlisted in the service he maintained
high fitness standards and actively trained with his junior
Marines,motivating them to a similar path . Shortly after leaving the Marine Corps Aaron decided to leave Vermont and move to Austin, TX in 2010. Deeply wanting to continue his training, he began studying under Sigung Tony Morel of the Yama Kan Kajukenbo dojo in the Austin area. He holds a first degree Black Belt. Aaron continues to stay fit with weightlifting, running, and teaching kickboxing and Martial Arts classes at Austin Boxing Babes. Outside of the training hall Aaron enjoys riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and hiking the green belt.

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Rob Rowland

Rob Rowland

Rob began training at age 13 in Taijutsu. He made it to brown belt before he started training in Kajukenbo under 7th degree black belt Tony Morel. After getting his black belt in 2014, Rob began studying various styles of martial arts and devoted himself to strength and conditioning. Rob believes the martial arts are a path to true self-actualization and self-discipline and strives to bring out the warrior in those he trains with. Rob is a 2nd degree black belt in Kajukenbo under Jay Vera.


Coach-VelaJoe Vela

Coach Vela is a former amateur champion and the last of Austin¹s old school boxing coaches. He has been responsible for training, coaching, and mentoring hundreds of kids who have come through the gyms he managed before coming to Austin Boxing Babes in 2013.

Joe Vela has been training boxers for 65 years and used to operate Austin Boxing Against Drugs (A common focus of the boxing coaches is providing something healthy for kids to do, to keep them away from crime and drugs.) Vela, a former amateur champion, has plenty of advice for inside the ring and outside the ring:

Vela isn’t letting his age slow him down one bit (he turned 80 in 2015) ­ thanks to his boxing workouts he was in good enough shape to make it through a triple bypass surgery, followed by pancreatic cancer and being diagnosed with diabetes all within a few years. He intends to continue passing down his boxing knowledge to future generations for as long as possible.


Lynna Foster

Lynna discovered Austin Boxing Babes in 2015, at the beginning of a life altering awakening. It was in the gym where she found what she likes to call her “fierceness”. She walked into the gym a very scared, timid and unconfident 45 year-old girl; but after putting on gloves, hitting bags and pushing her limits, she became a strong and confident woman. “I had no idea I had that power in me,” she said. It wasn’t until she got into the ring to spar for the first time, that she realized that she had been taught to hold that fierceness back all of her life and it was “ok” to let it out…especially in a safe place such as ABB. Lynna’s coaching style is positive, tough and fun.

Lynna was born and raised a farmgirl in South Dakota. She married young and continues to live alongside her life partner of 29 years. She has 2 grown sons and a daughter-in-law. She is a certified Bowenwork Therapy Practitioner and loves hiking, dancing, reading, writing, meeting strangers, singing, coffee, laughing, deep conversations, enjoying nature and new places.

Lynna is a certified USA Boxing Coach, Level I. 


Rachel Willauer

Rachel Willauer, having boxed in Irving over five years ago, began at Austin Boxing Babes by volunteering as a trainer guiding the young women of The Ann Richards School for their intersession in January 2018. Re-igniting her passion for boxing, she began training with the competition team shortly after.

With a highly supportive team and atmosphere, she has felt exhilarated. Rachel attends UT College of Pharmacy full time and looks forward to contributing to Austin Boxing Babes with a strong can-do attitude!


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