Kajukenbo Junior Warriors

Our Junior Warriors study the art of Kajukenbo in our martial arts program  designed for children and teens. Kajukenbo Self Defense System combines techniques from Karate (KA), Judo and Jujitsu (JU), Chinese Kenpo (KEN) and Chinese Boxing or Kung-Fu (BO).

This class is fun and challenging for young martial artists from the ages 5 and up. Your children will learn basic and more complex blocks, strikes, kicks, break falls and rolls. They will learn simple and more difficult katas – detailed choreographed patterns of movements. Our Junior Warriors will learn safe self-defense techniques with the knowledge of when and when not to use them. Most importantly, your children will build confidence, focus, body control, balance, and discipline. They will get a chance to “let off steam” through vigorous exercise and martial arts games and learn about good sportsmanship, perseverance and grit. In all of our teachings, we are guided by our black belt principles: courage, honesty, respect, integrity and self-control.  Our more experienced and higher ranking students practice leadership by helping less experienced  students. The Junior Warriors program helps student develop a sense of discipline and growth in the martial arts environment.

Belt testing is a special event that takes place two times a year and only once a child has mastered a specific skills set related to that particular ranking. Our students are motivated by the process of learning the next Kata, kicking and striking technique. While we do reward progress, children receive stripes on their belts when it¹s truly warranted, and not dictated by a cycle or schedule.

Martial Arts classes are Co-ed and a Gi, or Martial Arts Uniform, is required.

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Martial Arts starter kit:

Martial Arts Gi, and School T-Shirt



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