Women’s Martial Arts – Kajukenbo Women Warriors

Our Women Warriors study the art of Kajukenbo. Kajukenbo Self Defense System is the original mixed martial art, before MMA became a sport. This art combines techniques from Karate (KA), Judo and Jujitsu (JU), Chinese Kenpo (KEN) and Chinese Boxing or Kung-Fu (BO).

Classes focus on real world self-defense applications and techniques that teach body mechanics and efficiency. Expect a tough workout of mental and physical strength as you work through the different aspects of the art, such as kicks, strikes, grabs, break falls, defense on the ground and standing, as well as tapping into the spiritual side of the art with breathing techniques and forms. This is an ongoing study as you work through the ranks, and is beginner friendly. We practice in a Gi, or uniform, which can borrowed for your first class and can be purchased.

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