Coachability Challenge

Last week we talked about coachability and how important it is to seek out and be comfortable with feedback. For this month’s challenge, you are going to purposefully seek out feedback in an area of your life, actually implement it, and tell a friend or family member the result of taking that feedback. Did it … Read more Coachability Challenge

What Happens When You Take Your Coach’s Advice

Coachability isn’t a word or a trait that we hear very often come up when describing a person, whether it be for a job or a spot on your varsity softball team. What does it even mean? Simply put, rarely do we have all of the tools necessary to be a perfect boxer, engineer, parent, … Read more What Happens When You Take Your Coach’s Advice

Accountability Challenge

Last week we talked about accountability and how some thoughtful reflection and self-awareness can help us predict roadblocks that would prevent us from reaching our goals. We asked you to reflect on these roadblocks and how you might address them head-on. For this month’s challenge, find an accountability partner to check in with. This can be … Read more Accountability Challenge

SMART Goals Challenge

Last week we talked about SMART Goals and how the formula can be helpful in outlining and executing a goal that you have. In short, reaching a goal is most successful when the goal is: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound We asked you to start thinking about a goal that you’ve wanted to reach and … Read more SMART Goals Challenge

SMART Goal in Action

Sometimes goals feel less like an attainable accomplishment and more like a vague bucket list item. “I’d like to eat better.” “I want to go back to school.” “Italy would be a great vacation destination.”  However, they don’t have to be. Using a SMART goal template, it’s easy to flesh out the nuances of a … Read more SMART Goal in Action